Thứ Năm, 30 tháng 11, 2017

The story of my granddaughter

18 years have passed since my granddaughter Huyền Khanh was born. On 24/11/2017, in Saigon, we took a picture of hers, standing and pointing to her childhood image.

Then, we took her to Tan Son Nhat Airport for the flight to Melbourne, Australia. We understand that she left the family in Vietnam with sadness… but we know, for sure, she will find happiness under a good shelter at her aunt-and-uncle’s in Melbourne.

You can see her smiling in front of the painting she drew as a child. The painting has been there in Melbourne for a long, long time. And, for the first time in Australia, HK saw it again after almost 18 years.

We wish her the best of everything for the time to come in Australia and hope to see her again after her graduation.

Come on.. Huyền Khanh!

 Last minute chat with friends at Tan Son Nhat Airport


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