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Hongkong‘s peculiar food!

Vietnamese and Hongkonger’s foods are somewhat similar.

However, as soon as we arrived here, special culinary is found in the process of local cooking dishes, namely duck.

Peking Duck is famous dish since the Imperial Era in China. The seasoned meat is characterized by its crispy skin and meat, often eaten with spring onion, cucumber and rolled by homemade pancakes…

We’ve tried Peking Duck in a small, dim but well decorated restaurant called Monogamous Chinese. The food was so delicious!

There are also Peking Duck “Hongkong Style” called “Pizza Duck”, which is different from what we often taste in the rest of the world. It’s quite an experience to taste Pizza and Duck in Hongkong!


By the entrance of the restaurant

You can see how narrow is the restaurant entrance

Decoration at the entrance

Decoration at the entrance

Inside the restaurant

The three of us at the Monogamy Chinese Restaurant to taste Peking Duck

Monogamy's menu

A complete set of the Chinese Duck

A half of the Chinese Duck

Chinese duck wrapped by a homemade pancake

Leaving the restaurant by narrow & sloppy stairway

Duck Pizza can be ordered in Hongkong

A close-up of the Duck Pizza

A piece of Duck Pizza which can only seen in Hongkong!



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